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My name is Monique (or Moki if you prefer). I am a creative art photographer serving Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas. My photography is not going to look like other photographers work. That is because I offer a finely tuned, uniquely designed, client inspired portrait experience. I believe portraits should be more than just a picture of your face, they should be a story about who you are.

Browse my blog, leave a comment or two, and let me know if one of a kind portraits are the right fit for you.

Cinderella as a Girl

May 21st, 2013

I was asked by Florida photographer, Heather, to participate in a multi-photographer collaboration in which we each set up a Cinderella theme photo shoot.

For my interpretation I considered how so much of the Cinderella story we know is just the days leading up to bal and her whirlwind romance. I thought about what she must have been like as a child, to fall in love so easily, to be able to access a person’s character so quickly, to imagine that there was something bigger out there than her awful circumstances. Perhaps only a child with a vivid imagination connected strongly to hope would see the world this way. This girl would live in a world of creative make believe and build a strong friendship with an imaginary friend who is the girl she could become.

Cinderella Photo Session

Cinderella Photo Session

Cinderella Photo Session

Cinderella Photo Session

Cinderella Photo Session

Cinderella Photo Session

Here you can view all of the photographers’ Cinderella sessions:

Here is the list of all the participants:
Marie Asbury – Sioux Falls, SD –
Aseel Aziz-Gomez – Lexington, KY –
Monique Duke – Albuquerque, NM –
Lori Fowlkes – Fredericksburg, VA –
Lauren Harms – Boise, ID –
Jessica Holden – Novato, CA –
Heather Lickliter Larkin – Athens, GA –

Thanks to these Deviant Artists whose stock images I used for backgrounds and mice:
Meeliah Stock
Prolific Stock
Cat in the Stock

Great Girls with Spunk!

May 16th, 2013

It’s fun to be around people you went to high school with and remember how great they are! Like Becca here who was a far more devoted musician and student than I was, and was ALWAYS a great mixture of being level headed, kind, and spunky! Meeting her sister and mom was a triple dose of all those great characteristics and a happy reminder of how awesome female relationships/friendships can and ought to be! Thanks girls!

sisters family photo session adults

mother daughter

P & P are Engaged!

May 4th, 2013

And their getting married in Taiwan! Sounds so exciting to a gal who just got married up the street in Albuquerque. Best wishes to P and P. You two are a great example of what dedication should look like, as individuals AND as a couple! ♥

p and p in front of giant cottonwood tree in the Albuquerque bosque

Giant Cottonwood tree engagement session

engaged couple in North Valley New Mexico

Intimate engagement photos

red engagement ring

locust flowers couple

black and white engagement albuquerque
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